Sound Clips
Phil has made his demo tracks available from this website in MP3 format. Each track is approximately 3 minutes long and has a filesize of around 2 mb.

If you cannot access MP3 format music then you will need to download Windows Media Player. Alternatively, feel free to request a demo disc from the contact page.

*Depending on your connection and software, you may experience stuttering during playback. To resolve this, right click on the MP3 icon and then select "Save Target As". This will download the entire file to your PC to be played at your convenience.

Phil was asked by ITV to promote a documentary called 'Sinatra Night' April 07, to view please click on the image below. The advert shown across all ITV channels, worked great for the show and his first 'acting roll'.

'One and Only' BBC1's newest Talent show, hosted by Graham Norton in December 2008. Phil was filmed to advertise the show. Please click the image below...  
ITV 'Sinatra Night' Advertisment. ITV 'One and Only' Advertisment.  


Come fly with me
You make me feel so young